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This article is a part of the Hearthcraft series of article, where I present the best cards to craft if you want to have a rich card collection that will allow you to create as many powerful decks with a minimal investment of cash or time.

I'll be presenting the cards which I think are the most efficient Druid cards. When I say "efficient" I mean that these cards have a great ratio of power level (how strong the cards actually are) coupled flexibility (if they can be used in multiple decks and deck types) to cost (how much $$$ or time or gold/arcane dust you have to spend on them).

Druid cards have a very clear theme: flexibility. Most of the Druid cards can be used in one of two ways. Each option individually is not very strong but once they are coupled in the same card they become quite strong.

If you’re looking for neutral cards (for example you might be wondering why Dr. Boom isn’t here), then you should head over here:

Now that you’ve finished the articles about the neutral cards and are wondering which Druid cards you should craft first, read on :wink:


Keeper of the Grove

Keeper of the Grove

Good, old, trustworthy Keeper of the Grove. As a new player the 4 mana 2/4 minion doesn’t seem much (the standard for a 4 mana minion is 4/5). But the effect makes up for the fact that the stats on the actual minion are low.

Keeper of the Grove can either do 2 damage to an enemy or silence an enemy. This provides any deck which includes it a lot of flexibility as the Keeper can take out a small threat, such as a Knife Juggler, finish off a damaged larger enemy or silence a minion with a very dangerous effect (such as Sylvanas Windrunner). In case of emergencies it can even do 2 face damage to finish off an enemy.

The effect provided by him is very powerful and the body, even though understatted, is still good. It especially good at fighting off small minions, such as those in aggro decks. Keeper of the Grove can even 3 for 1 aggro minions (1 with its effect, 2 with its body).

One of the most reliable Druid cards, seen in aggro, midrange and control Druid decks.

Darnassus Aspirant

Darnassus Aspirant

One of the latest entries (it was introduced in The Grant Tournament), Darnassus Aspirant is a 2 mana 2/3 minion which comes with 2 effects: its battlecry increases your total mana by 1 and its deathrattle decreases it by 1.

If not killed on time Darnassus Aspirant allows the Druid to play cards which cost more mana ahead of time (this is called “ramping”). Very dangerous, since the Druid has access to very powerful big cards such as Cenarius or to a very strong and famous combo: Force of Nature / Savage Roar.

Also, in a similar way to the Keeper of the Grove, its body is also a defensive one: 2/3 instead of 3/2. This means that the Aspirant can also trade favorably with smaller minions. The 3 health also makes it harder to kill under some circumstances, therefore allowing it to survive longer so that the player can take advantage of its battlecry.

The Aspirant is also seen in many types of decks ranging from aggro to control.

Druid of the Claw

Druid of the Claw

Another staple of Druid decks, Druid of the Claw is the best known “transformer” in the game. When played for 5 mana, Druid of the Claw can either become a Bear (4/6 with Taunt) or a Cat (/4/4 with Charge).

Both forms are strong, although there is a slight preference for the Bear. The Cat form is usually chosen when an enemy minion really needs to be destroyed this turn and there’s no alternative way to do it or the enemy can be killed this round.

Druid of the Claw is so solid and versatile that he can be seen in all types of Druid decks. The Cat is greatly appreciated in aggro decks while the Bear is welcome in midrange or control Druid decks.

Force of Nature

Force of Nature

One of the best known spells in the game. Not on its own. But as part of the most famous Hearthstone combo: Force of Nature / Savage Roar. On its own Force of Nature is not something to write home about, for 6 mana it provides just 6 damage. Fireball provides the same amount of damage for 6 mana. Force of Nature shines because it is a versatile spell (the core characteristic of all Druid cards). It can do 6 damage to the enemy’s face or to his minions. Since it spawns 3 minions with charge, each of them can be used independently to focus another target, for example for clearing the opponent’s board.

But its highlight is when it is paired with Savage Roar. For 9 mana this combo does a total of 14 damage (2 from the hero itself and 4 from each treant). As a result every Druid opponent has to make sure that he has a taunt up when his life total is below 15 HP.



Wrath is a 2 mana cost spell that is used for removing a small but very threatening minion, finishing off a larger minion or drawing a card (when it only does 1 damage).

This flexibility comes at a cost as Wrath can only target minions, but the flexibility greatly surpasses this downside and as a result Wrath is seen in almost all Druid decks.

It is frequently used to fend off very aggressive decks or to draw 1 more card when the Druid player is out of fuel (usually when he is the one playing the beatdown deck).

Used in all but the most aggressive of Druid decks.

Ancient of Lore

Ancient of Lore

The venerable tre(e)ant is another example of a very versatile card. For 7 mana you get a 5/5 body that can either heal you for 5 or draw 2 cards.

The 5/5 body is a little under the standard for a 5 mana minion while its effect costs either a little under 2 mana (Holy Light) or a little under 3 mana (Arcane Intellect). The whole package definitely deserves paying 7 mana for.

In general the effect is used to draw cards, especially when “fishing” for the parts of the Force of Nature / Savage Roar combo. But against aggro decks it can also be used to heal yourself and gain a bit more time to stabilize on board and eventually win the game.

Ancient of Lore is seen in all but the most aggressive of Druid decks and is one of the core cards of the decks he’s part of.

Living Roots

Living Roots

Living Roots is another new entry in the Druid arsenal. It was introduced in TGT, together with Darnassus Aspirant, and it was widely adopted by the community.

Its uses are multiple: fend off aggressive decks through the Saplings or the nuke, damage the enemy’s face (probably just before winning the game), provide more “boots on the ground” to be used next round for Savage Roar.

Some of the fastest wins in the game have involved Living Roots (2x Living Roots provide 4 minions, and when Savage Roar is used these 4 minions total 12 damage, 2x Savage Roar and the damage goes up to 20 damage; add the 2 / 4 damage that the hero gets from Savage Roar and a quick win is possible).

Honorable mentions

Card name Why is it a good card?
Savage Combatant Provides an aggressive minion and some extra damage for removal.
Cenarius Hard to remove, can provide 2 taunts or extra stats for burst damage.
Ancient of War One of the biggest, baddest taunts available. Very hard hard to remove through minion combat.
Druid of the Saber Stealthy aggro minion.
Druid of the Flame Hard to remove minion or threatening small minion, depending on mode.
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