How to beat Naxxramas using basic cards (part 2)


Curse of Naxxramas

And now we continue the Naxxramas series with the second part, a guide explaining how to beat the second Naxxramas wing, the Plague Quarter, using only basic cards.

The first part can be found here, if you'd like to read it first: How to beat Naxxramas using basic cards (part 1).

In case you skipped the previous part, TommyJ has managed to beat all the bosses from the current adventures using only basic cards: cards you start out with and cards you get while leveling up heroes. He has made guides for defeating the heroic bosses using decks he created.

With his blessing I'm republishing his guides as I think they're a great resource for newer players, especially since the same decks can be used for finishing normal mode (heroic mode is much harder than the normal mode). This article contains his second guide, for beating the Plague Quarter from the Curse of Naxxramas.


Naxxramas Heroic Bosses

Plague Quarter

Hey guys, so this time around I’ve managed to beat the Plague Quarter in heroic using basic cards. Similarly to last time, when I say basic cards, I mean only cards that you can get before opening a pack (and again, no cards you get by beating Curse of Naxxramas on normal in either wing were used).

Heroic Noth the Plaguebringer

Heroic Heigan the Unclean

Heroic Loatheb

For Noth, I used a Priest deck, for Heigan, I used a Warlock deck and for Loatheb, I used another Priest deck.

Decks used for the Plague Quarter

So in this quarter I found the fights to be a lot harder. I tried a whole lot of different decks on almost every fight, and I’m not sure some are possible at all with certain classes. Noth was relatively easy – he didn’t take too many attempts though I may have gotten lucky with him. I found that as a long as you were able to get good value for your minions and survive until around turn 5 or 6 without any trouble the fight was actually ok.

Heigan took me a while; I first gave shaman a go and while I got him under 15 a few times in the end I didn’t have enough options when it came to dealing with the demons, so I went with warlock since they have some great anti warlock cards available to them from the get go! Once I tried warlock all it took was the attempts in the video, so yeah, that one was pretty cruisy.

Loatheb was perhaps the most difficult, I started off with shaman for a while - hoping to essentially just drop minions, destroy the spores and then give the strongest things windfury for a quick kill, but that didn’t really work out too well, mostly because of the Fen Creeper. I then tried a spam warrior deck which involved pretty much dumping a whole heap of low cost minions on the board and giving them all charge but it relied on execute to deal with that damn Fen Creeper so wasn’t really reliable, and if any other strong minions went down it was pretty much game over.

So for Loatheb I ended up swapping to priest, which is a bit easier but definitely relies on Shadow Word: Pain in your opening hand or first 2 draws. Also, on my kill for that Loatheb didn’t drop anything on one of his turns which allowed me to gain momentum and I’m fairly sure that was incredibly lucky.

If you’re looking to make your own free to play decks, I would highly recommend adding in some of the Naxx cards as they would probably help you out a ton (for example Loatheb or even the Gargoyle against Noth since he uses all those damn secrets or to get self heals every turn or Nerubian Eggs against Heigan).

Anyway, I will continue to do this for all of the coming wings, again it was an absolute ton of fun!

Stay tuned for part 3!


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