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This article is a part of the HearthCraft series of articles, where I discuss about the cards that should be crafted first in Hearthstone, when playing on a budget. And we’re all playing on a budget.


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So, let’s get to business and discuss about the key rare neutral cards, cards you should craft first when you’re thinking about crafting rare neutral cards.

Rare neutral cards

Knife Juggler

Knife Juggler

Knife Juggler, partner in aggro crime with Leper Gnome and Abusive Sergeant. If your deck is a aggro deck, there’s a huge chance that Knife Juggler is in it. Knife Juggler is so good that he’s even played in midrange decks that have some method of spamming minions.

Knife Juggler is a 2 mana minion with a 3/2 body and a very powerful effect: it does 1 damage to a random enemy when a friendly minion is summoned. This makes it very powerful since Knife Juggler can trade 2 for 1, 3 for 1 and maybe even higher with the right amount of luck.

It’s easily one of the most threatening low-cost minions in the game (should be killed on sight).

Azure Drake

Azure Drake

Azure Drake costs 5 mana and comes with a 4/4 body. Nothing to write home about. But it also draws a card, provides +1 spell damage and is a dragon. All of which are powerful extras.

Almost every midrange deck runs it as well as most spell-based combo decks. The Drake is a “fast” card since it draws another card as soon as it is played and it also helps buff cheaper spells providing them the extra damage needed to destroy tougher targets.

The 4/4 is also decent as it can trade 1 for 1 with many cards and is in a sweet spot regarding stats, since most cheap removal can’t kill it.

Defender of Argus

Defender of Argus

One of the “weakest” minions in the rare category, Defender of Argus doesn’t seem like a “must have” minion. However his 2/3 body comes with a powerful battlecry, since it grants both taunt and 1/1 to the minions next to the defender.

As a result Defender of Argus actually provides a total 4 damage, 5 HP and 2 taunts for 4 mana, if there are 2 targets on the board. 2 damage also have “charge”, since they can be used immediately “as part” of the minions already present on the board.

Defender of Argus is a popular defensive option for classes which lack powerful class taunt minions. However, it is versatile and can be seen even in aggressive decks which spam the board since the extra HP provided to the minions on its left and right can take them out of AOE range or make trades very awkward for the enemy.

Honorable mentions

1 Mana minions (1 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?
Secretkeeper Secret support card, 1 mana minion that gets +1/+1 for each secret played.

2 Mana minions (2 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?
Wild Pyromancer Anti-aggro, provides both a decent 2 drop and AOE.
Sunfury Protector Anti-aggro, smaller brother of Defender of Argus. Doesn’t provide extra stats, though.
Ancient Watcher Over-statted minion that can’t attack by default. Can be silenced to let it attack or taunted.

3 Mana minions (3 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?      
Mind Control Tech Used against decks that spam a lot of minions.      
Coldlight Oracle Murloc, draw engine for aggro and mill decks.      
Injured Blademaster Jokingly called “Priest card” since priests can heal it to full HP.   Arcane Golem Aggro minion: charge and a ton of damage for a low mana cost.

4 Mana minions (4 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?
Violet Teacher Combo card used by classes that want a lot of small minions (tokens): Rogue, Druid.
Twilight Drake Strong 4-drop when the average hand size is above 5 cards (Handlock, Control Mages, etc.)
Kezan Mystic Tech card used against classes with powerful secrets. </a>
Jeeves Powerful card draw for aggro decks.
Arcane Nullifier X-21 Anti-aggro for mech decks.

5 Mana minions (5 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?
Stampeding Kodo Tech card used when a powerful minion with 2 or less attack is used by a lot of decks.
Bomb Lobber Tech card used when a 4+ mana, 4-HP minion is very common in the meta.

5 Mana minions (5 drops)

Card name Why is it a good card?
Sunwalker Anti-aggro mid game minion.
Gadgetzan Auctioneer Card draw engine for decks with a lot of small spells.
Argent Commander Sticky finisher for aggro decks.

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