League of Explorers card reviews

The third Hearthstone adventure, The League of Explorers (LOE) is here!

The League of Explorers

For those that are new to Hearthstone, Hearthstone adventures are basically the equivalent of single player campaigns. Or Hearthstone raids. Depends on which angle you’re coming from.

Anyway, if you want to know more about the previous adventures, some more info:

Curse of Naxxramas (Naxx)

Curse of Naxxramas (released in July 2014) ## Blackrock Mountain (BRM) Blackrock Mountain (released in April 2015)

There are at least 10 enemy heroes you have to defeat. These heroes (“bosses”) have custom decks and hero powers and you will need specific strategies to defeat them.

For defeating the bosses you receive cards you can use in your collection (these cards cannot be disenchanted if you don’t like or need them).

Of course, there’s a catch: adventures are not free. As we’ve seen in a previous article, buying them with gold is inefficient. So if you can afford it, buy them with cash.

Now, if you’re wondering what kind of cards you get, well, you get all kinds of cards. There’s usually a bunch of neutral cards and often one of them is very strong. For example Naxx had Sludge Belcher and BRM had Emperor Thaurissan.

There are also class cards and these tend to be high quality as well. E.g. Naxx: Death’s Bite (for Warrior), BRM: Flamewaker (for Mage).

Overall, adventures are quite fun in single player and also offer decent to great cards for your collection. They also have the benefit of offering a clear set of cards, unlike buying packs which more like gambling: you never know if you’re going to get the cards you want. So I definitely recommend that you get the adventures, whether you use the fast road (cash) or the slow one (gold).

The League of Explorers is not completely available yet, since it is split into 4 “wings” and each week a new one opens. This week only the first wing is opened.

It’s hard to find out exactly how good the cards are and more precisely which card is good and in which deck it fits, but a lot of people are still trying. Fortunately from all the opinions out there, some of them are a bit more reliable than others, the opinions of professional Hearthstone players. After all, they are paid to play Hearthstone :smile:

I’ve made a collection of quality reviews which you’ll find below:


Strife Cro

StrifeCro is a professional Hearthstone player which is usually remarkably accurate in evaluating cards before they are released.

Brian Kibler

Brian Kibler

Brian Kibler is another professional Hearthstone player. He is also a competitive Magic The Gathering player (Magic The Gathering is another card game, basically Hearthstone’s grandpa). On top of this he is also a card game designer.



Trump is one of the most popular Hearthstone streamers. He is known as “Mr. Value Town” because he always focuses on getting the most value out of the cards he plays.



Kripparian is another popular Hearthstone streamer, known especially for his Arena abilities.

Of course, these card reviews are all made before The League of Explorers is actually released, so we’re in for some surprises.


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