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My name is oblio and I’ll be your host throughout this series of article about “History Gems”: quality articles, books, videos and all sorts of interesting things about history that you might have missed.

Each article will focus on one specific “gem” I have found and that I consider especially interesting or entertaining. I want to emphasize that I am in now way affiliated with the things I will present. If I will have any connection to them (other than enjoying them), I will mention it explicitly.

The Great War

The star of the first episode is “The Great War”: a Youtube channel dedicated to making short weekly videos (5-10 minutes) about the evolution of the first World War. In case you’re wondering what’s so special about that, this is what’s special: “The Great War” tracks the evolution of the war, week by week, exactly as it happened 100 years ago.

As you guessed by now, the series started in 2014 and will probably end in 2018 (or 2019 if they want to cover the peace treaties as well).

The host of the war is Indy Neidell, an actor who is very passionate about history and especially about the First World War. Together with his merry team from Berlin, Germany, they research and produce each episode at a level of quality you wouldn’t expect from a small, independent team.

Each episode covers the actions that happened 100 years ago, on all the fronts in WW1. Besides the actual action The Great War has special episodes about important events, important personalities or the war or even Q & A sections (called “Out of the Trenches”).

I’d say that the show is a must-see for a history buff, especially if that history buff is interested in World War 1.

So, if you want to get started quickly: The Great War 101:

Highlights from the show, in case you don’t have time to go through the entire collection:

Of course, if you have the time, see all the episodes (it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours).

The full playlist is here.

Ah, I almost forgot. The project is crowd-funded. If you want to contribute you can find them on Patreon: The Great War.


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